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Fortnightly Tax Tables 2023-2024

Search the SARS Fortnightly Tax Tables 2023-2024 for the applicable PAYE deductions. Search and or expand salary lookup for the “Salary From” column by entering (the first or first two digits followed by a comma) of the relevant salary and changing the “Show X entries” value to show all results. Last updated, 14 February 2024. 

View the original SARS Fortnightly Tax Tables 2023-2024 by clicking on this link. View past SARS Tax Tables by clicking this link.

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SARS Fortnightly Tax Tables 2023-2024

If the table is inadequate: Add R26,254 (under 65), R25,891 (65 to 74), or R25,770 (over 75) to the result of [45% X (actual fortnightly remuneration less R74,615)]. Apply rounding to the result by disregarding the cents

Note: R74,615 is the average between R74,565 and R74,665